Terms and Conditions

Once you have registered and opened an account with BitKings, it implies that you accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy disclosed on this website. General Specifics.

A partaker is only granted one account.

The external and internal content featured on this particular website is not a representation of financial advisory, accounting, investment facility or legal depository or any other professional advisory. You take part in the trade as a willing trader of your Bitcoins, bearing in mind there are calculated risks in trading procedures.

Hence it is the trader's responsibility to make certain the correctness of imperative details. All trade losses shall not hold BitKings accountable.

You agree not to utilise BitKings' services and products to endorse illegal activities.

You agree that you shall not engage in any illegal activities or prohibited activities by utilising products and services provided by BitKings.

Should you provide incorrect information regarding your real identity, your account may be terminated.

You agree and consent to maintain communications via email and SMS with Bitkings.

From any given time, BitKings may alternate user Terms for any motive without notice.

You understand that BitKings only offers the trading system and does not promise any returns.

You understand that BitKings provides a platform that is based on supply and demand.

Bikings Account

The completion of the confirmation of Bitcoin transactions is the responsibility of the Bitcoin network, thus Bitkings shall not be responsible for any loss suffered by traders on either party's. In view of the fact that, BitKings does not control the Bitcoin network protocol, therefore cannot monitor any erroneous flaws , delays or shutdown pertaining to the Bitcoin Network.

You understand and you are well aware that BitKings does not verify confirmations, cancel or reverse Bitcoin transactions.

You understand that BitKings is merely a trading platform, therefore it cannot be held accountable for any losses, technical flaws or errors as a consequence of sending or receiving Bitcoin from irrelevant wallet addresses, e-mail addresses, entering incorrect transaction amounts by using BitKings services. You are advised to ensure the correctness of Bitcoin addresses, e-mail addresses, transaction amounts where necessary.

Bitcoin has is a highly secured peer to peer network, that has been combined both on the online and offline storage. Consequently, the facilitation of Bitcoin transactions may take 2days (48 hours). As a participant of BitKings you agree that you understand that there is a risk that transactions may prolong and you agree not to hold BitKings accountable for any losses suffered due to delays or errors.


In order to participate in the exchange, you must be at least 18 years old. You must provide correct information about your true identity and must be accurate.

You are well aware that Bitcoin may cause significant financial losses as it involves risks.

BitKings encourages electronic payments, as cash deposits may prolong and may incur unnecessary processing fees.

BitKings advises that all direct payments must be done via means of electronic payments, for example, a user is advised to use electronic funds transfer (ETF) from a bank account that is opened in your own name and must correspond with your place of residence.

Payments coming from BitKings are only processed via means of electronic funds transfer to your personal account that is registered in your real name and with your place of residence. You are kindly advised to specify country and province.

BitKings will not be held responsible for any prolonged transaction as BitKings does not ensure traders Bitcoin or any financial institution transfer disbursement times.

You must secure your trading ground by paying an initial fee of R 500 This payment should be done well in advance.

All orders placed on this trading platform are irreversible and cannot be cancelled. Therefore you are advised to trade with caution.

BitKings does not hold the authority to accept any orders, in the case of the site not allowing the order to be loaded.

Orders, deposits, and withdrawals have been assigned limits and you may only trade once a week. However, your affiliate progress will determine the number of times you may trade per week. You may trade twice a week if your affiliate progress reflects 20 referrals.

BitKings may suspend your account if you have violated any user Terms and Conditions or if the system detects that your account may be in danger. Therefore BitKings will inform you via email or SMS.

BitKings service does not guarantee any returns as it is not an investment but a trading platform, hence BitKings provides its service without warranty and alerts you that it may not be available 100% of the time.You understand that, should technical errors occur owing to traffic and other various circumstances, the site may be slow and may appear unavailable and as such BitKings will not be held accountable for any losses due to the system or service becoming unavailable.

BitKings does not and cannot control the value of Bitcoin and is not obliged to purchase back Bitcoin at any time.

Any taxes that apply to your trading and Bitcoin transactions are your responsibility.


You are prohibited to use BitKings products and services to engage in any criminal or unlawful activities, namely the following:

Violation of any laws, statutes, ordinances or regulations.

Transactions involving:

Drug paraphernalia

Items that promote or facilitate illegal activity

Stolen goods

Items that are counterfeit or otherwise infringe or violate copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property

Items that promote or facilitate hate, violence or racial intolerance

Narcotics, steroids, drugs or other controlled substances

Ammunition, firearms or other weapons that require licensing

Sale of personal information

Items that are considered obscene

Extortion or blackmail

Prostitution or illegal escort services

You may not use BitKings products or services to engage in any of the following activities:

Providing payment services or as a money transmitter neither to operate any other financial service business.

Providing gambling or gaming services.