Money is a language that we use to communicate value ,Bitcoin is the world of freedom, because it is programable and we can now build applications we couldn't build. .


Nowadays, most people have access to the internet and they use it on a daily basis. During the early days of the internet everybody heard about and to a certain extent were enlightened about its emergence, but most people were hesitant and skeptical about it, until it became "common" or perhaps a "predominant"platform that connects people globally. Well, BitKings is precisely at that point.

BitKings is at its very infant stage, since it utilizes new technology of the Bitcoin network and the concept of cryptocurrencies. BitKings offers and endorses technology that possesses the power to quickly transfer value that is not yet understood.

BitKings Presents Opportunity

BitKings has an advanced trading platform that presents an opportunity for users to enjoy financial gains by utilizing its advanced technology, at this point there is no mechanism that operates like this. We have a global network of individuals that are opting to use digital currency on a daily basis, thus our platform attracts rapid traffic and our users leverage on multiple streams of revenue on a very short space of time.

Trading in BitKings is a peer to peer exchange between participants on a global scale. When you trade on Bitkings you share currencies for 100% return. The BitKings trading platform is completely decentralized and there is no third party involved.


BitKings service does not guarantee any returns as it is not an investment but a trading platform, hence BitKings provides its service without warranty and alerts you that it may not be available 100% of the time.You understand that, should technical errors occur owing to traffic and other various circumstances, the site may be slow and may appear unavailable and as such BitKings will not be held accountable for any losses due to the system or service becoming unavailable.

BitKings does not and cannot control the value of Bitcoin and is not obliged to purchase back Bitcoin at any time.

Any taxes that apply to your trading and Bitcoin transactions are your responsibility..